Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small style

This last week has been busy and LONG. I don't know if it was the freezy weather or what, but the days just dragged on.It has been a fun week of dates with my men and Little Miss. Usually the four of us do everything together but we've been so busy this week and had to part our separate ways. On Saturday and Sunday I got to take Little Miss to her first wedding and baby shower. Then Tuesday was our anniversary and Hubcap and I had a fun rollerskate date. We had originally planned to go to Bidwell and bike and swim but that did not happen due to thunderstorms... weird.  And then last night Mister and I went on a date to get "ice cream", (frozen yogurt). It was the first time Mister and I had been out alone since Little Miss was born and he was giddy with excitement! He kept saying "oh mommy" the whole time and laughing. He has not one time been jealous or mean to Little Miss which is pretty good for someone who is not even two and was used to all the attention. He shares his toys with her and is always trying to help me with her. And the highlight of the evening was when he wanted to buy her a Sesame Street shirt like his at Target and when we pulled up to the house he yelled her name and clapped. As a mama, my heart just melted....
           Little Miss is wearing: Strawberry dress: Gymboree, Headband: Three Prather Babies
Mister is wearing his new shirt we got last night at Target! I love this shirt! Sesame Street is the one show that he gets to watch, we watch  every morning while we eat breakfast. I love Elmo, he's a saint.

Have another busy weekend coming up! Happy Weekend Friends!
Im linking in with Mama Loves Papa for small style.


  1. Cutie pies! I'm a fan of mini vintage tees and that one is pretty cute!

  2. They are so cute! I love that sesame street tee.

  3. I'm so glad that you have a blog and that you're participating in Small Style! Yay! Your kids are seriously gorgeous- just like their mama!

    PS Yes, I think I did see you (was it last week?) at the market. Were you wearing a Rosemary's Cuppa skirt? Where ever it was from, I loved it! Hope to see you again soon!