Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday

Happy Monday Friends! Hope that everyone had a fun filled weekend! My best friend from college came and stayed with us, which is always fun. Mister loves his "T" as he calls her. Before she came we snuck in a craft and tonight I snuck in a craft after the babies went to bed! I always have my friend Tiffany and her husband make our birthday invitations and Christmas cards. To thank them, Mister painted them a picture! Heres what we did.

First I just let Mister paint a piece of paper any colors he wanted. He is really into painting, which is great! Whenever I need to "confine" him for awhile to get something cleaned I just put him in his highchair with his watercolors!

While he painted his paper, I painted a background of blue and green. If you have an older child then they could do this, but Mister doesnt really get the concept of ONLY one color so I handled this part. While it was still wet I let him sprinkle blue glitter on it, to make the "water" sparkle.

After his colorful art was done, I drew fish shapes on the back of the paper and then cut them out. Then Mister got to glue the fish to the blue background.  And there you have it, beautiful fish art! It really is fun! We have one in our hallway framed that he made for Hubcap for Father's Day, and it always makes me happy when I pass it.

Tonight I made Mister these cute puppy shoes. I just bought some shoes from WalMart and then hot glued felt and googly eyes. Seriously, googly eyes make the world a little brighter! I can't wait for him to see them in the morning.

Happy crafting my friends!


  1. You are so fun! :) Love to hear what you have been up to!

  2. Grace and I just did fish Art. She was able to do most of it herself, and it was great practice in following directions! I had some stenciles of fish, so I had her trace it on the back of the paper, so it looked nice when we cut them out. Maybe i'll share a pic on my blog soon! Thanks for the great ideas.