Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Style

Today is going to be busy! I'm making 40 pies in a jar for a wedding shower this weekend, and I still have alot left to do around the house. But first I'm going to link up with Mama Loves Papa for small style.

Here is my most favorite picture of Little Miss. She's wearing her patriotic swimsuit which was a hand me down and her headband is Trew Luv. Jacklyn's headbands are amazing and she is as sweet as she can be! My head is usually adorned by some kind of Trew Luv band!

Mister is wearing his Every Day's a Tonka Day shirt (Target). Sorry you can't really see it, he's a mover and a shaker that one, and getting him to take a picture is a little tricky these days....
Happy Weekend!


  1. Super cute picture of the two of you and I love your little lady's patriotic outfit. That headband is gorgeous!

  2. Pie in a jar?!? Would love to hear your recipe!! Your babies are precious:)