Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Style

This week is flying by! I had to go back to work yesterday and the day before to hire new teachers for the charter school and got a fun little glimpse into this next year! It is going to be REALLY hard to leave my babies, even though I get to team teach and will only have to work two days one week and three the next. I'm praying Hubcap gets another raise this year so that next year I can stay home full time. I love teaching and I am excited to be apart of such a great school but my heart is with my lovelies and raising them is so imporant. My dad gave me an article from the paper once by Dr. Dobson, with studies from Harvard that said that the mom is the most influencial person in a childs life for the first 18 months. So it kills me to leave Little Miss at 4 months. But it also reminds me to make the most of the time I have with them and to make every minute count. And I did almost give Mister ice cream for breakfast because he asked.

Here are the kiddo's in some of their cute outfits this week!

headband- me, diaper cover- Carters

shirt- Grandma, overalls- Osh Kosh

Headband-Hannah Mae Dit, dress- vintage (it was mine! :) ) sock doll- chickabiddybaby . This doll is so cute and the shop owner is so sweet!

Love this pouty pic! Little stinker! The whole outfit is Target!

little romper outfit- vintage, it was mine again! And the headband is RosemarysCuppa! Another sweet little etsy shop! I also ordered matchy matchy shirts for me and Little Miss from her and they are beautiful!!! And we get so many compliments! Poor Little Miss has no idea that it is humiliating to match her mama! So I'll do it while I can!
Happy Weekend!

Im linking in with Mama Loves Papa, (where I found Rosemary's Cuppa!)

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  1. Awww so sweet! That little vintage romper is the cutest thing ever.
    Good luck with returning to work. Your family will thrive because of the love you give them not the amount of hours.