Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 months

Little Miss turned 7 months yesterday! Can't believe it! She is too big....
Here she is in her strawberry costume for Halloween. I am taking her picture every month in something strawberry because she is going to have a strawberry themed first birthday and I am going to make a garland out of the pictures. So she had to be a strawberry for Halloween!
Little Miss at 7 months you:
-sit up like a champ, its the only way you like to be and will sit and play for hours
-still wont crawl, you do this weird scoot thing where in the sitting position you put your hands in front of you and pull forward and then you also get up on your feet like a frog and move
-the reason why you dont crawl is because you have no reason too! Your big brother is wrapped around your little finger and he always makes sure you have toys or whatever you need. You have him whipped.
-You love to eat, we've gone through all the veggies and now were starting on fruits. So far your favorite has been okra and green pepper mixed.
-You are such an easy baby, always happy and smiling. You are super easygoing and are pretty much content with whatever.
-You are my sleeper girl, you sleep through the night and still take three naps a day!
-Love to be outside, you love grass and wind and dirt
-Your favorite toys are your brothers toy cars and all of your little dolls. You also love duplos and footballs. Probably because that is your brothers choice of toy for you.
Little Miss you are so sweet and beautiful and it is exciting to watch you grow. Sad but exciting. I love seeing your little personality come out even at 7 months. I love you.

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