Monday, October 3, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday: Crafts for kids and for mama's!

Happy Monday Friends! Arent you loving this fall weather? I've got all the windows and front door open, and just made two loaves of yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread. This last week my sister and law and I got together to finally finish up some projects we started a month ago. Its funny how long projects take now that we both work and have babies. But we made it happen on Tuesday and they turned out so cute.  First we made these cute signs:

I made mine to say Thanks and she made hers to say LOVE. Hubcap cut out some old pieces of wood and we spray painted them. Then we used her Cricut and cut our letters using scrapbook paper. A little bit of modge podge and it was done. I love it! I hung mine on my pantry door with a little chalkboard under it and it makes me very happy while I cook. Its also a fun reminder to be thankful! We had originally started our crafts to be Fall/Thanksgiving projects but I say its important to be thankful always. The piece of wood Hubs cut for me was to small so he had to cut another one so I had an extra piece! I turned it into this:

I LOVE Post its and I LOVE lists and so this little board is just the greatest thing. Now I can write what  my major projects of the day on little post its and tear them off as I get done. Crumpling up a piece of paper is just as rewarding as crossing something off a list in my opinion.
I painted these pots last week too.

I cant wait to put pumpkins on them. Cute little candy corn pumpkin pedestals. Mister loves them!
Mister and I made this cute little fish project. I saw it on Pintrest and knew we had to do it.

I just cut blue paper into a fish bowl shape and he got to handprint his hand in orange. Then we just added eyes. You could get really elaborate if you wanted, add little rocks or plants or even put plastic wrap over the top to make it look like a real bowl.

Well those are all my crafts for the week. I cleared out an entire closet last week so look for a fun organizing project next week... :)

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