Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little Miss' Room

For MissCrafty Pants Wednesday I thought I would share with you Little Miss' Room. Alot of  fun work went into her room, and alot of crafting! It is my most favorite room in the whole house, a sweet room for a sweet girl.
Here's the view from the  door. I didn't want to do pink, but I still wanted the room to be dainty and girly. I LOVE this color! 

Her crib set was made by Burps N Giggles. It is absolutely beautiful. I chose a shabby chic print, but then added a little sass with the polka dot sheets. The little kitchen set was a present from my mom this year, not quite finished yet. Mister and Little Miss LOVE it!
Here is her name sign. So cute and so easy. I bought the $1 wood plaques at Michaels and spray painted them white. I then bought really cute scrapbook paper and used a diecut machine to cut out the letters, which I then hot glued to the plaque. I attached ribbon to the back and thumbtacked them to the wall. I then took the backs off of some fancy scrapbooking brads and covered the ugly tacks!! Cute! 

The lighting is horrible but here is one up close...

This chair is my favorite. I found it at a antique store for $20. I saw it and Hubcap said I could pay whatever I wanted for it (Reasonably speaking) and I was shocked when I read the tag!!! The little bench Hubcap made for her before she was born. I love it because alot of love and hard work went into it to make it perfect for her.
Here is the doll house I "remodeled" for her for Christmas. I found the dollhouse at the Goodwill for $14, what a steal. I bought a bunch of scrapbooking paper and modpodged my heart out! I LOVE the end result!

This clock is what we built the room around. My mom and I saw it at a store a week before I found out what I was having. We went crazy for it but we didn't buy it. As soon as I found out she was a girl I called my mom and she immediately went to the store and bought the last one, then surprised me with it that night! I love the "Be filled with joy" sign and it is so appropriate for Little Miss because when I think of her I think "joy". I found it here. And her name sign came from my friend who owns this shop. Her work is beautiful, we have many more pieces in our home, and I plan on asking for more for my birthday... 

This dresser is a "for free" on the side of the road piece. We picked it up, painted it and added some Anthropologie knobs.Its perfect! 

Over the dresser I strung a bunch of vintage Barbie clothes to make the cutest garland. I also bought those three little antique doll dresses. I took a sewing spindle and two dowels and painted them white. I made a T with the dowels and then using hot glue attached it to the spindle. Then I just added the dresses! 

Above her closet I hung these cutest, vintage alphabet cards. They completed the room perfectly I think! 
So there is a glance at my sweet girl's nursery.. 

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