Monday, December 5, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday: Christmas Tree crafts.....

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but it is slow moving around these parts this morning...... I need to kick things into gear!! I have so much to do, but cannot find the motivation to do it. Bleck. So I thought I would blog while Mister watches Sesame Street and Miss naps. Maybe blogging will motivate me..or not.
We had a busy and fun weekend!

Mister got to go hiking with his Papa Red this weekend. He was SO EXCITED! Pretty much my dad hung the moon according to Mister, he is his most favorite person! So they had a blast!! Mister kept talking about hiking, big sticks, big rocks, french fries and Papa Red for the rest of the weekend. Ok, he still is! 

While my dad took Mister hiking we went out Christmas shopping with Little Miss. It was our first time going out with just was fun. Hubcap said it was "refreshing" to not have a two year old with us. I thought it was weird, I feel naked when I don't have my kids with me.. weird but true. Here she is all dolled up to go shopping! Lord have mercy she is cute! 

On to our crafts for the week. We made Christmas trees this week in various forms. First we painted:

I had Mister paint green all over a piece of paper. When it dried I cut out a tree shape and he got to decorate. Here's what we came up with: 

Cute right?!?! Super easy craft, but I love the results. So did Mister. We also made these trees:
We just glued pom poms to pinecones, but they are so cute! They look really cute next to the kiddos Little People Nativity scene! 
Here we are after we decorated our tree! Little Miss did not make it, she was too tired! Please disregard my makeup free, pink eyed face. Or the fact that Mister looks terrified of it! Hee hee, at least Hubcap looks good! 
I will leave you with a picture from our latest family picture session with our favorite photographer Miss Samantha Prather! She is amazing! I love my little family!

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  1. So many fun festive crafts! You are such a fun mom! Your family photo is gorgeous! You have such an adorable little family Christie!