Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crockpot Wednesday: Salsa Ranch Chicken Wraps and Chicken Tettrizini

So for today I have two recipes to share with you! Neither of them our crockpot recipes, but both are easy and will make dinner time alot easier! I really hate coming home late from work and then having to make dinner and then clean up! So when I meal plan I try to pick simpler meals for work nights and then meals that take more prep/time on non work nights!

The first recipe is Salsa Ranch Chicken wraps. Here's what you need:

butter, 1 grilled/baked chicken breast per wrap, 1 cucumber, 1 bell pepper, sundried tomato and basil spinach tortilla wraps, mozzarella cheese, salsa and ranch dressing.
First you need to either bake or grill your chicken. (I like our's grilled so usually at the beginning of the week we do our grilling and if I know we will need some type of cooked chicken later in the week I have Hubcap grill some extra! ) Cut the chicken into strips. Next, cut your bell peppers into strips and slice up your cucumber.

Now its time to assemble. Lay out one tortilla and spread out a tblsp of ranch dressing and a tblsp on salsa. I actually in most any other case think that ranch dressing is kind of gross, but in this instance its really good! :) Place a few strips of chicken, bell pepper and a few slices of cucumber. Sprinkle on your mozzarella cheese. Then wrap it all up! It should look like a small fat burrito!

In a frying pan add a tbsp of butter and melt in pan. When its hot, you can add your wraps. Let it get a nice golden brown color, before switching to the other side! And thats it your done! These are really, really good and really, really easy!
The next recipe I have I do not have pictures for because of my camera. But I do have the best dad in the world who on his birthday gave me a nice, fancy shmancy camera! So I can be picture happy once again.

This recipe is chicken tetrizzini. There are a few steps, but its simple and it makes two dishes! So you can bake one and freeze the other to bake later.
Heres what you need:
One pound of spaghetti (broke into thirds), 2 10 oz cans of cream of mushroom soup, 1 10 oz can of cream of chicken soup, 15 oz grated cheese, 6 cups of cooked, shredded chicken, 1 bag of cooked, frozen peas, 2 cups of chicken broth.
First you need to cook your spaghetti in salted boiling water. In another pot cook soups over Low heat and when heated through add your chicken, 12 oz of cheese, and your peas. Then add your cooked spaghetti. Add 2 cups of chicken broth at the very end. Then pour into 2 9x13 pans and sprinkle remaining cheese on top. If you are baking bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.
This dish is pretty tasty too, it's good old comfort food. And the best part is there's two! Last year when I was pregnant with Little Miss and working full time I dropped by my friend Heidi's house after work one day to visit. When I was leaving she told me to wait one second and then came back with two different frozen dishes and sent me home with them! It was probably the highlight of my week and was so generous of her! We dont get many drop in visitors in our neck of the woods but if you do that extra casserole could make someone's day! This meal would be great as well to take to someone who just had a baby, or at our church just got out of the hospital! :)
Happy Tuesday/Wednesday friends!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday

Happy Monday friends! I love Mondays, a fresh start to a new week! For our craft this week we made the cutest sunflowers! Mister and Little Miss both got to make them, and they turned out so cute! My camera has been broken and it's really difficult to use it to take pictures so I didnt take pictures of the steps, but its easy, I promise!

Arent they cute? All you need is: one grocery store brown bag, yellow paint, small paper plate, glue and black paper.
I painted the little guys' hands and had them stamp their hands onto the brown paper bag which I had cut open. After they dried (overnight for us) I cut them out. Then Mister glued the hands to the outside of the paper plate. He then got to rip the black paper into pieces and crumble them up. He then glued these to the middle. Voila! Sunflowers! I hung ours in the hallway and added some green stems and leaves. They are so bright and cheery when I walk by!
We have also been eating some yummy food around here! Have you ever made macaroni and cheese and then added cooked frozen carrots and peas? It's so good...heres proof.

I have also been making Mister apple sandwiches. I cut an apple into big circles (for the bread) and then add peanut butter. Sometimes I add raisins, or marshmallows or granola. Its really good and Mister loves it! No picture though unfortunetly thanks to my lovely camera. I will leave you with these pics of my studly Mister going to church this morning. And the second picture is so funny because its the perfect example of the huge contrast between a two year old and a five month old. Happy crafting friends!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 months old!

Little Miss turned 5 months old today! I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by with her. It really does just seem like yesterday I was at the hospital and now she's a big girl! With Mister the time didnt go by this fast! Wow!
Little Miss at 5 months you:
-really love food; you eat your bottle, rice cereal and right now your veggie is zucchini. Carrots are up next!
-You weigh 15 pounds and are 24 inches
-have really wild, curly hair! Its crazy!! I love it!
-love your brother so much. Every morning when he hears you he runs to your swing, screaming your name and clapping. Then he promptly tells me to "get er out" so that he can play with you. He's very bossy and protective of you!
-are teething but no teeth yet!
-your favorite toy right now is your pink and turquoise rattle and a little football! You have the cutest Cowboys tutu and hairbow and it makes Daddy really happy!
-You are LOUD!!! So loud. You are such a happy baby and you want everyone to know!
-you can roll over and sit up in your Bumbo and are ready for your Johhny Jump up
-you are sweet. Little Miss you are such a sweet girl. You just have a sweet character about you. I hope it never changes.
I love you little one..please stop growing!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday

I realize that I havent been too, too crafty lately, thanks to working the last couple of Mondays! But my real schedule has begun and I'm back! This last weekend the boys went deer hunting and Little Miss and I got some quality time. Not only did I get some quality time with my sweet baby girl but I also got alot of projects done. It's amazing what you can get done without a two year old around. Really amazing.

I saw this idea in a magazine a long time ago. As in before I had babies and before I got married ago. I have always wanted to do this and when Mister got a new backpack from his auntie Al for his birthday I jumped on the opportunity!

I ordered some removable chalkboard cling from Wallies.com. Then I took side pictures of my babies. I traced these on the computer using lined paper and cut them out. Then I taped the sillhouette to the back of this chalkboard paper and cut it out again! Then all you have to do is peel off the back and stick to the wall! Its amazing! I hung Mister's backpack and Little Miss' diaper bag underneath. Then I can write any important notes on their little sillhouettes! I'm in love.

I bought this chalkboard at a garage sale two years ago and have used it to write our our meals ever since.I decided to spruce it up with some stickers using lyrics from one of my favorite songs. Its so cute and just made this chalkboard stand out!

I also finally turned our laundry room into Mister's learning area. Since Im not teaching Kinder this year I had so much stuff just sitting in the garage, which is sad. Kinder stuff should never go to waste! :) So I turned the spot above his chalkboard into a school area. We are constantly working on letters, numbers and colors so this just makes it more fun! Hey maybe I'll start enjoying laundry. Or maybe not.

The alphabet is on the very top.

But also on the bottom.

I finally got these cute vintage Alphabet flash cards hung in Little Miss' room as well! They are so cute and match her room really well.

Here are my babies reunited. Mister was so excited to see his sister. He just layed with her on his belly and kissed her head. He had a great time with daddy riding the quad, playing with his trucks in the dirt and helping daddy find his "deer" (which is too little too mount :) ) but he missed his mama and sister! :)

Now were ending the night watching the Cowboys and eating lots of yummy food! Jalapeno dip, sweet potato fries, fried zucchini and egg rolls. Yum. Happy crafting friends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crockpot Wednesday: BBQ chicken potatoes

Today I am going to share our family's favorite recipe! This is Hubcaps most favorite meal, he would probably eat it weekly if he could! It is so easy and simple, but so GOOD! I dont have any pictures today because actually we had this earlier this week and I gave directions over the phone to Hubcap while I was at work and we were on our lunch breaks! That's how easy this is! :)

What you need:
2 small bottles of bbq sauce, Italian dressing, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar 3-4 chicken breasts, potatoes

So all you do is mix up 1 1/2 to 2 bottles of bbq sauce, 1/2 cup of Italian dressing, 1/4 cup of brown sugar  and 2 tblsps of worcestershire sauce. Pour over chicken breasts in crockpot. Cook on HIGH for 4 hrs of LOW for 6. When you are ready to eat shred the chicken!

Bake a potato for each person eating! :) I usually then cut open the potato and add a little butter, salt and pepper. Top with chicken. Then you can put on cheese, sour cream, green onions, whatever you like! Seriously these are so good! Like died and went to heaven good!
Usually we eat ours with homeade mac and cheese, fried apples and green beans.

Since I dont have any pictures of the lovely chicken I thought I would leave some picture of my lovely children! And today I traded out the books on our library wall for the season, Back to School! At least I am back to school, so the books are about school and missing mommy! On that side note I must say that I have a great class/ a great Team teacher/ a great school/ great coworkers/ a great principal and if I have to work a great schedule! I'm blessed! Happy eating friends!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Misters 2nd Birthday

Misters party was so much fun! I have been planning this party since he turned one and I was done with his first birthday party. I LOVE parties! I love themes, I love the planning, I love baking and decorating, I love it all! I think his party was a success, he had a such a great time and so did his little friends. Our little neighbor boy told me today when I was checking the mail, " Hey, that was a really fun birthday party." I was affirmed by a five year old. :)

We went out for pizza the night before his party.  We do one present for every meal so he got to open his dinner present then since we didnt do presents at his birthday party, and his birthday party was during dinner.
The next morning we had donuts and Mister got his new "bike" from his sister.

His party was the same day as his actual birthday which was fun! It was a Very Hungry Caterpillar party. Here is a wreath I made for the front door. I also made a super cute sign for the front yard, but it has it name on it so I wont post it!

Here is the cute cupcake caterpillar! Turned out cute!

Here is the general set up! It turned out so cute. You cant really see but I hung the fruits the caterpillar ate in the window!

We ate all the foods the caterpillar ate! All the fruit, chocolate cake, cupcakes, salami, sausages (little smokies) pickles, cheese, watermelon and even deviled eggs for the little egg that lay on a leaf (lettuce). I made little signs to go in all of the food with stickers to match the book!

The favors were the lollipop the caterpillar ate through!

And the highlight of the party was the slip n slide. It was a blast! And before anyone thinks my child is incredibly spoiled we asked people not to bring gifts and this was his gift from his grandparents. He also has friends of all ages and this was universally fun, not to mention I didnt have to plan any activities.

Here we are after the party with our little man! I love you Mister with all of my heart! You have taught me so much and have made me a better person. You made me a mama and have filled my life with a joy that is unexplainable. I love you Mister Bister.