Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little Miss' Room

For MissCrafty Pants Wednesday I thought I would share with you Little Miss' Room. Alot of  fun work went into her room, and alot of crafting! It is my most favorite room in the whole house, a sweet room for a sweet girl.
Here's the view from the  door. I didn't want to do pink, but I still wanted the room to be dainty and girly. I LOVE this color! 

Her crib set was made by Burps N Giggles. It is absolutely beautiful. I chose a shabby chic print, but then added a little sass with the polka dot sheets. The little kitchen set was a present from my mom this year, not quite finished yet. Mister and Little Miss LOVE it!
Here is her name sign. So cute and so easy. I bought the $1 wood plaques at Michaels and spray painted them white. I then bought really cute scrapbook paper and used a diecut machine to cut out the letters, which I then hot glued to the plaque. I attached ribbon to the back and thumbtacked them to the wall. I then took the backs off of some fancy scrapbooking brads and covered the ugly tacks!! Cute! 

The lighting is horrible but here is one up close...

This chair is my favorite. I found it at a antique store for $20. I saw it and Hubcap said I could pay whatever I wanted for it (Reasonably speaking) and I was shocked when I read the tag!!! The little bench Hubcap made for her before she was born. I love it because alot of love and hard work went into it to make it perfect for her.
Here is the doll house I "remodeled" for her for Christmas. I found the dollhouse at the Goodwill for $14, what a steal. I bought a bunch of scrapbooking paper and modpodged my heart out! I LOVE the end result!

This clock is what we built the room around. My mom and I saw it at a store a week before I found out what I was having. We went crazy for it but we didn't buy it. As soon as I found out she was a girl I called my mom and she immediately went to the store and bought the last one, then surprised me with it that night! I love the "Be filled with joy" sign and it is so appropriate for Little Miss because when I think of her I think "joy". I found it here. And her name sign came from my friend who owns this shop. Her work is beautiful, we have many more pieces in our home, and I plan on asking for more for my birthday... 

This dresser is a "for free" on the side of the road piece. We picked it up, painted it and added some Anthropologie knobs.Its perfect! 

Over the dresser I strung a bunch of vintage Barbie clothes to make the cutest garland. I also bought those three little antique doll dresses. I took a sewing spindle and two dowels and painted them white. I made a T with the dowels and then using hot glue attached it to the spindle. Then I just added the dresses! 

Above her closet I hung these cutest, vintage alphabet cards. They completed the room perfectly I think! 
So there is a glance at my sweet girl's nursery.. 

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was so much fun! We spent Christmas Eve with the inlaws, Christmas morning just our fam and then we headed over to my mom and dads and spent the day. I was so excited for Christmas morning, Little Miss' first and Mister was old enough to get it. Well kind of, old enough to be excited about his presents at least.
Mister with his new Prowler from his Papa and Grandma. 

Trying on his new pajamas on Christmas Eve. 

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Now you know why I was so excited for them to wake up! 

Mister with his new Super Grover..his face is priceless! 
Coming out on her first Christmas morning...


My babies...

My loves...

His castle from Papa Red and Gramsie
Little Miss Christmas
So there is our Christmas in a nutshell! Such a fun filled day! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

9 months

Little Miss turned 9 months on Christmas Eve! I cannot believe that I have a nine month old! Stop time, stop! It was fun to watch Little Miss and her first Christmas, she didnt really get into opening presents as much as I thought, she mainly wanted her brothers toys and the paper. She loved her Pinkalicious doll and a stuffed sheep toy my brother got her.
Little Miss at 9 months you:
-have stood up a few times but not an every day occurance
-you talk, then talk, then talk some more.. you say mama, dada, hi dada, hi baby, kitty, baby and hi
-my favorite is when you wave at yourself and say "hi baby"
-you LOVE to play with your brother but sometimes he bewilders you.. :)
-started eating "puffs" and love them and you even tried a french fry
-have two sweetest little bottom teeth!
-love your sleep, you still take a morning nap, long afternoon nap and sleep through the night!
-love Elmo like your brother
-love your cousin, you guys are too cute with eachother... alot of trouble is what you guys are going to make!
My sweetest Little Miss you are a joy. I've said it once, I'll say it again, you my dear are Perfection topped with a bow, my sweetest little girl. I cannot imagine our lives without you! Happy 9 months Love...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday: Nativity Handprint pictures

Merry Christmas Week Friends! I am so excited that Christmas is almost here and that I have NO work this week. Not that I work that much, but its still nice to not have to lesson plan for those two days and just PLAY,PLAY PLAY with my babies!
Last week and then this morning Mister and I made adorable Nativity Hand (and foot) Print pictures. I absolutely love them!
"Angels we have heard on High"  This took one footprint and two cute handprints!
And then we have the sheep and wisemen. For the sheep I stamped his hand in black and then we covered it in cotton balls. He then painted green grass. The wise man we did three brown handprints and then three fingers in different colors. Then he just fingerprinted orange "heads". Its my favorite one!!
Here they are in a cute timeline in the hallway! So festive and fun! The little baby Jesus is a craft we made at church.

Here is my Little Miss all ready for church yesterday. Apparently she was thrilled about her outfit. She's cutting teeth and so not herself which is so sad. She was still so cute!
Here is my cute shepard in the play last night stealing from the wiseman. Poor guy didnt make it to the stage, he wasnt feeling well and "lost his lunch" on his dad. He had too much sugar and it made him sick... sad little guy. But his Papa Red came and Gramsie and he had fun with them in the nursery.
And two more Christmasy pictures before I go! Oh my sweet Little Miss! She is so beautiful!
And here is Mister with his bell after our North Pole Breakfast! He loves his bell!

Off to go make Rudolph and Clarise puppets with Mister so we can do a puppet show for Little Miss! I'll be back Wednesday with a Crockpot Pulled Pork Taco recipe to die for!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why I love Teaching

Most days out of the week I stay at home with my babies and I'm a stay at home mom. But on the other days I leave my home and go teach 3rd/4th Grade. I am team teaching this year which is such a blessing. Honestly most  days those kids kick my tushie. I am exhausted when I come home, they are fun but so tiring!!!! And even though it makes my heart literally ache when I leave my babies those mornings, at least I am going to 25 energetic students who I love. Heres why:
1. Today  I was having one little girl help me proofread other students writing when she was done with hers. When it was time to go to recess she came up to me and in all seriousness asked," What are we going to do with those kids?"
2. They laugh at all my jokes and think my songs I come up with are funny.
3. They cannot wait to tell me all their stories that have happened over the weekend/ last couple days of school.
4. Yesterday one little guy seriously told me he was growing a mustache. Today when I asked him how it was going he replied, "slow".  FUNNIEST, THING, EVER!
5. We always listen to orchestra/classical music in class and when they come in I make them pirouette to their seats and they all do it willingly, even the boys. :)
6. They totally support my germ-a-phobic tendencies and even warn visitors, "Watch out, she might Lysol you."
7. One little guy on every single writing prompt we do writes, " Dont you think my writing is smooth Mrs. B?"
8. All their cute pictures and drawings. Today from my little English Language learner I got a picture that said "Mrs. B the star and most famous of the earth."  It is so hanging on my fridge tonight.
9. They always use their big fancy vocab words when they are speaking to impress me. " Mrs. B arent you so exasperated?" " Im just famished, arent you?"
10. Last week before school I sprinkled green glitter on their desks and told them it was Grinch dust and they believed me!
11. They would rather stay inside with me at recess then go out and play. I would rather them go play... :)
12. One little guy brought me Starbucks today, and then after giving it to me said, "Well doesnt that deserve a hug?" HAHAHA, YES SIR!
13. They think my babies are so cute. Smart class.
14. Two little guys told me that they are going to take over their dad's lawn business when they grow up. They said they would mow my lawn and take real good care of it for half price!!! What a steal!
15. All of the " Youre fun Mrs. B" and " I love you's"
One of my favorite quotes is, " This business of training little humans for life is a mind- bogging process." SO TRUE! So here's to my overwhelming yet rewarding job!! I love you too little ones.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Miss Crafty Pants Monday: Christmas Tree crafts.....

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but it is slow moving around these parts this morning...... I need to kick things into gear!! I have so much to do, but cannot find the motivation to do it. Bleck. So I thought I would blog while Mister watches Sesame Street and Miss naps. Maybe blogging will motivate me..or not.
We had a busy and fun weekend!

Mister got to go hiking with his Papa Red this weekend. He was SO EXCITED! Pretty much my dad hung the moon according to Mister, he is his most favorite person! So they had a blast!! Mister kept talking about hiking, big sticks, big rocks, french fries and Papa Red for the rest of the weekend. Ok, he still is! 

While my dad took Mister hiking we went out Christmas shopping with Little Miss. It was our first time going out with just was fun. Hubcap said it was "refreshing" to not have a two year old with us. I thought it was weird, I feel naked when I don't have my kids with me.. weird but true. Here she is all dolled up to go shopping! Lord have mercy she is cute! 

On to our crafts for the week. We made Christmas trees this week in various forms. First we painted:

I had Mister paint green all over a piece of paper. When it dried I cut out a tree shape and he got to decorate. Here's what we came up with: 

Cute right?!?! Super easy craft, but I love the results. So did Mister. We also made these trees:
We just glued pom poms to pinecones, but they are so cute! They look really cute next to the kiddos Little People Nativity scene! 
Here we are after we decorated our tree! Little Miss did not make it, she was too tired! Please disregard my makeup free, pink eyed face. Or the fact that Mister looks terrified of it! Hee hee, at least Hubcap looks good! 
I will leave you with a picture from our latest family picture session with our favorite photographer Miss Samantha Prather! She is amazing! I love my little family!