Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 months

Little Miss, you turn 10 months today! Can't believe that in two months we will be celebrating your first birthday!!! WOW!
 Sweetest baby girl at 10 months you:
~crawl,crawl crawl
~can stand and walk holding onto things
~LOVE your food,you've had macaroni and cheese, bacon, waffles, casserole, minestrone you love it all! 
~have two teeth
~LOVE music, any time you hear the music, you dance and clap! Funny at church...
~Love your cousin and your brother...they are your best friends
~love your mama the most, I hate leaving you for work on my work days because you are always so clingy when I come home because you dont want me to leave again..
~your hair is getting longer and crazier by the second...
~love to be outside, eating rocks,sticks and dirt...inside you want to be held as soon as we get outside you say, "let me be free"...
~love your dolls and play kitchen, your brothers train and cars and his kangaroo
My sweetest Little Miss you are growing up oh so fast...I love you so much and love watching you become "you". You really are sugar and spice and everything nice...
Love, Mama

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