Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy, busy busy!

Busy, busy days around here! February is such a busy month and we dont even have any birthdays in it! I am a sucker for holidays, so February is one of my most favorite months. My kids are going to grow up and say,"Wow are mom was crazy". But like I always say, " Better to be a little bit crazy than just plain boring". 
Here we are celebrating my most favorite holiday of all Groundhogs Day! 
I made the kiddos cute little shirts and Little Miss even got a Groundhog's Day headband.

Apparently she loves the holiday just as much as I do! 

I made Groundhogs Day cookies for my kiddo's at work. I was kind of excited that it fell on one of the day's I work. I have missed every single holiday/party at school because they have fallen on days I don't work. I realize that these cookies look a little like rabbits, but I had almonds, so almonds is what I used!
That night we had these cute pudding's as dessert! I combined ideas I saw on Pinterest and came up with these! 

Mister loved it! 
We have been soaking in this lovely weather!! I know we need rain, but I LOVE the sun and warm weather. I found little wood birdhouses at JoAnn's for $1! They still had a bunch too just a little FYI...

Little Miss was a very messy painter. When Mister was her age we painted and he was super neat and did not like getting it on him. She was a different story!! 

She got it all over her!! And she loved it!! 

Mister is still a super neat little painter.

Here are our creations!! Mine, Mister's and Little Miss'... I have big plans to have Hubcap add stakes to them so we can put them in our garden. FUN!! 
Speaking of FUN this fun, it's this fun little guy's half birthday! 

We always celebrate half birthday's with half of a birthday cake. Here he is with his super guilty face, he stole bubblegum from the 1/2 on his cake...
Since it's his 2 1/2 birthday I thought we would start potty training today. So far, so good. I have been taking him to the bathroom every 10 minutes and we have only had one accident. He already has earned a race car...

So there is are crazy week in a nutshell. Alot of exciting things happening...

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