Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Miss is One!

My Sweetest Baby Girl turned one today! It seems like just yesterday that same front door had a It's a Girl sign hanging on it and we were coming home from the hospital, and now here you are standing with your Birthday sign! 
Oh little mam, you are the loveliest little thing! You are sweet and kind, but spunky and silly. You are shy and tentative, but you are friendly and charming. Sometimes I wonder how I got such a sweet, beautiful little person. You have filled our whole family's life with joy Little Miss! Your daddy is wrapped around your finger. He is so "manly", hunting,fishing, football...there has never been anything girly in his life and then came you! I love watching him with you, how you have changed him( in a good way), how you have brought sweetness to his life!
And then there is your brother. My stars, that boy loves you! He waits for you to wake up from your naps by your door, and sometimes he sneaks in and yells, "Addalie's Up!" When he gets in trouble and puts in time out he cries for you and you pad down the hall and stick your little fingers under the door. It makes my heart almost burst to watch the two of you together, the most perfect little love. Some day you will look back at pictures of the two of you, and see your big brothers face and how he is so proud of you, and so glad you are here and you will melt too!  Once again I wonder how I got so lucky that you two never fight you just love, love each other. I pray that you two will always be the very best of friends.
Little Miss the week before you turned one was a tough week in our house, but then here the day came! And it was such a sweet, great reminder of how blessed we are, to have our family and especially to have you! You my dear are a constant reminder of how much God loves us, that he would give you to me and your daddy to love and take care of here on earth. We could never, ever thank Him enough for you! 
I love you little one, and am so thankful for this first year with you and all the memories we have made so far! You have filled our home with joy, sweetness, love and fancy! Happy Birthday!
Love, Mama

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