Monday, March 12, 2012

Miss Crafty Pants Monday: Little Bit of Life...

Things have been busy around here! We have been soaking up the sunshine!!! We spend most afternoons outside: 

Eating Mud...

and taking our babies on walks...
I also made home made play dough last week and Mister and I had a blast making snakes, cakes and donuts. 

Here is the recipe I used for my play dough:
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
food coloring
Boil the water. While the water is bowling mix salt and flour. Stir in hot water and add food coloring. When it has cooled a little knead with hands. That's it! I did have to add a little flour because it was a little sticky.

We also painted rocks. Ok, I know mind boggling right? Painted rocks. But in all seriousness this was a hit!! Every day since we painted them, Mister has asked to paint more rocks. They also look pretty cute in our little garden. 

I got this cutest idea on Pinterest. Love Hungry Caterpillar! 
We got our tax return back and put it in savings, but we did make one little splurge and bought this bike seat for the kids! Hubcap and I love to bike ride and so this was actually a great investment! And the kids loved it!! 
Finally in our "preschool" Mister and I just did the life cycle of a butterfly. Here is his cutest timeline:

I had him paint different pieces of paper, one all green, one alot of different colors and then I cut them out into the shapes we needed.  
1. For the egg on the leaf he painted a piece of paper green, I cut it and then he glued on a cotton ball for the egg.
2. Got this cutest caterpillar idea off of Pinterest. Mister loves to paint his hands.
3. For the cocoon I cut out the shape from a brown lunch bag and then Mister glued on different lengths of twine. 
4. For the butterfly Mister just painted two pieces of paper and then I cut them out to make a butterfly.
This was a really fun project and Mister loves to walk anyone who will listen through the cycle!! So cute! 
Well it is supposed to rain the rest of the week so we are going to go soak up the sun while we can!! Happy Monday! 

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  1. Grace and I did half of the caterpillar project when she got home from school. So fun, and we will finish tomorrow!