Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patricks Day

We had a fun St. Patricks Day! I was so glad that it was on a Saturday this year so that I could go all out and that Hubcap would be here to enjoy it with us! Thanks to all the sunny weather, crops are starting early this year so he did have to work the morning but he made it time in home for most of the madness! 
A sneaky leprechaun snuck into our house and decorated the dining room in rainbows and left Mister this at his place at the table.
Mister thought the rainbows were pretty cool! 

                                                          The leprechaun even left his hat!
We had rainbow pancakes for breakfast! 

My sweetest St. Patrick's Day babies!
When Little Miss went down for her morning nap Mister and I did some art. We made this cutest leprechaun hand print...

And bell pepper shamrock art! 

Mister got Lucky Charms and green milk for snack. He promptly ate all the marshmallows out of the bowl...
Leprechaun Lunch! 

                                                  For dinner we enjoyed: Sky Jello
Make your own rainbow salad

Rainbow Kabobs

Corned Beef and Rainbow drinks

Little Miss was very excited about the whole thing

And finally the rainbow cake! So much colorful fun!

There is our St. Patrick's Day in a nutshell... and hi Grandma!!! I got your letter in the mail. :) And hi Aunt. Billie!! Miss you!!! 


  1. So adorable Christie! You went all out...what a treat for your kiddos! I especially love the hanging rainbows...what a fun surprise for them to wake up to! You are such a fun momma!!!