Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap and Fun Craft

We had a very fun, hard worked weekend!! 
We wore silly hats...

Took pictures with Mommy...

Ate crackers..

Caught frogs...
Really big frogs...

Helped daddy put in flower beds..

Talked on our phones..

And acted silly in our new pajamas!! 

Hubcap and I worked in the yards almost all Saturday and Sunday! Here is my potting bench all ready for Spring! Don't you love the chalkboard pots?!?! 

All my pansies,marigolds and holly hocks will bloom soon hopefully! 

I can't wait for my hydrangea's to bloom!! I have three in my front bed!! 


My back porch! This weekend we put in a garden bed and bark and got our side yard ready for a brick patio! 

Here it is! Kind of small, but it's beautiful! 

The freesia smells amazing!! 

I am going to go out on a limb and say the back yard is looking pretty good considering when Hubcap bought the house it was nothing but dirt!!! This week I am working on some projects for the Kid's Play Area and this next weekend we will put it all together. Then this summer hopefully we will get to lay our brick patio in the side yard! 

Here we are working hard!! 
Friday it rained so the kiddo's and I made an art project. 

Mister and I made this little black rain cloud.

And Little Miss and I made this sunshine and rainbow. It was perfect because all day we saw black rain clouds and then the day ended with sunshine and two full double rainbows!!! 
For the black rain cloud we used fishing line and blue and black construction paper and for the sunshine we used streamers and yellow paper! And googly eyes for both! 
Happy Monday! 


  1. You are one wonderful lady,mother & wife.

  2. I love the silly hats! I try to wear one as much as possible.

  3. Your yard looks great! I remember that feeling of getting all that beautiful fresh dark dirt in there with it's first flowers! And I really love your chalkboard pots! So fun! You and the kiddos are too adorable!