Monday, September 24, 2012

Half birthday

Well Little Miss, today is your Half Birthday! Mister keeps telling you, "Happy Half Day, any excuse to party!" Then you laugh and laugh. I think you are secretly just excited about the half a birthday cake were going to have after dinner. 

So I tried to make a sunflower for your cake, but it didn't really turn out. I am pretty sure you don't care. You love flowers, and you love chocolate so its all good. 
Today at your 18 month appointment your Dr. said that you are in the 25th percentile for height and weight. You are my tiny little thing, which is crazy because you are seriously a garbage disposal. You put the rest of the family to shame with your eating... way to go Little Miss! 

You are super sassy. Oh my stars, you are giving me a run for my money. You are so different than your brother at this age. You are strong willed and really hate to listen, you like to do your own thing. We always ask you to do something and you smile, and get this sly look and start doing something different. We are really working on listening and obeying. Mommy is more stubborn than you little one, you should just give in...

 You are super sassy, but you are super sweet. You love to cuddle and dance and sing. You love jewelry and getting your nails painted. You always are giving kisses and hugs, waving at everyone and telling them hello. Right now your favorite song is Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are and you always ask to watch the video on You Tube over and over again. It makes me laugh.... 
You really love to make the different animal sounds. In the above picture you are a dinosaur. My favorite is a cat, you think you are a cat and Meow all day long. You love animals and get really excited any time we see any type of animal or bug. Last night you were trying to pet a pintcher bug. 

You love your babies. You feed them, rock them, put them to sleep. You push them around in your stroller and really don't like your brother to touch them. But you also love cars and blocks as well. And you really love books. You could read all day, and love to be read to! 

This picture sums you up very well. All girl, but still very tomboy. I really love it about you. 

Oh my little mam you are everything I could have asked for and more. You are an answer to my prayers and  bring me so much joy and sunshine! I love the happiness you bring to our family. Happy Half Birthday Little One... 

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  1. omgosh. she is precious. i have a girly tomboy, its the best :)