Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Miss Lovely

Oh Little Miss... words cannot even describe you. You are spunky and fun, oh my stars drama mama! You are animated and silly, and oh so cute! And beautiful... you have these big eyes and little curls and you kill me and your dad every time you make this pout face. You are always singing and dancing, always pretending you are a kitty and always in on what your brother is playing. I took these pictures while your brother was still sleeping one afternoon. You wanted me to paint your nails and so I took the opportunity to take your picture. I loved so I posted them all. Love, love, love you Little Miss Sassypants! 

Really, really? Oh my goodness you could not get any cuter! 

Looking for the baby in your tummy...

And this last picture might be my favorite...Drama Mama is right!!! Haha, when I look at this picture it describes you perfectly. Oh my stars I love you little one! 


  1. The look on her face in that last picture is awesome. It totally reminds me of you for some reason. Haha! She is so adorable.