Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Bon Appetit to Nothing Runs Like A Deere...

The kids are down for naps and Hubcap is out moving horses from one horse property to another so I thought I would pop on really quick and post pictures of the kiddos Halloween costumes for this year. We went to a fall festival last night and so they have already gotten to wear them... I have to admit they are pretty cute!!! 

My little farmer! Oh my stars this boy was so excited about his tractor costume!! He kept asking, "It's my birthday?"" over and over and over again. I'll admit that Hubcap and I had a really good time putting this costume together as well. Ok, honestly the Hubcap did most of the work, he is more of a perfectionist and I knew it would turn out perfect if he put it together...So I helped paint.... the yellow parts. Haha. 

The back. Caution slow moving vehicle and real reflectors!! 

The front. 
Oh little man you are the cutest thing. So happy to see you so happy! 

On to my little Julia Child. My Little Miss LOVES her food and so it was only fitting that she would dress up as the lady who mastered the art of French cooking. The rubber chicken is actually supposed to be the duck, the one she debones in the movie... imaginations people, imaginations! 

One of poor Little Miss Julia's sauces must not have come out right because she had a complete meltdown while we were taking pictures. 

But then Daddy and Brother pretended to eat Mommy's head and how can you not laugh at that?!? 
Bon Appetit Little One.... you rocked those pearls. 

Tomorrow I will be back with a yummy Apple Berry Streusel recipe that I have had for years and LOVE to make during the fall. Happy Sunday evening! 

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