Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Recap and our weekend...

Good morning friends! Today is our first day of our week with no tv for the kiddos. This morning went well, after the first shock of it all. Let me just say that our kids don't want a whole lot of tv. They watch one episode of Sesame Street or two episodes of Curious George every morning when they get up, thats it. Sometimes an extra episode of George, occasionally but really just that first morning. But I was kind of getting annoyed that they were demanding it when they woke up. Or whining when I turned it off. UMMM....hello, I don't think so?!?! So were taking a break, and then starting next week it will be a treat. Not going to lie, I kind of missed my break in hour this morning, but I think I will live. 

Our Halloween was fun. I spent the night before googly eyeing all of our cups and drinks for the next day. My poor husband thought I had literally lost my mind. But I am pretty sure he enjoyed all of his drinks that much more the next day. ;) 

We had our traditional pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Mister quickly asked to be excused, after only a few bites. I said yes you may and instead of his normal "Thank you for the breakfast." I got a "Its, okay mommy, nice try." Apparently the kid likes "regular" pancakes. Moving on... 

I had an ultra sound that morning so Mister got to come with Hubcap and I! Here I am drinking my 32 oz of water and holding it. The kids cheered me on by chanting, "Chug, chug, chug"... so not a fan of the lovely torture water test, 
(ummm, really I can't even sneeze without wetting my pants these days, are you joking?!?
)but I am a fan of getting to see that sweet little baby! Which is a girl! We have known for awhile now, I just kept forgetting to post it on here...yay for Sugar and Spice and everything dramatic nice! 
We came home and ate a spooky lunch...

and then headed to the Pumpkin Farm one last time for the season... 

Gramsie came too! The weather was turning nasty while we were there. We came home and the kiddos changed into their costumes and we headed to Chipolte for $2.00 dinners. While we were eating dinner it started to POUR! So we just headed to the frozen yogurt shop and the kiddos got free frozen yogurt and we went home. We don't trick or treat anyways so it wasn't that big of a deal.  
So that was our Halloween in a are my sweetest babies in their church outfits yesterday. Oh my stars, swoon. 

And here is our little Grand Finale baby at 21 weeks. She is so sweet in all of her ultra sound pics. She's kind of a lazy little thing, which makes me happy. Little Miss was so crazy in the womb, they couldn't even get pictures of her!! We are blessed beyond measure!!  

We got the girls room started this weekend and Little Miss slept in her big girl bed for the first time last night! She was really excited and did great. It was so funny to see this tiny little peanut sleeping in a big old bed... 
This morning we started some of our Thanksgiving projects. We made a thankful leaf garland, and turkey handprints on burlap. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I am really excited about all of our fun projects we are going to do!
Well, happy Monday friends! Hope its a good one! 

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