Friday, June 29, 2012


Yesterday was Hubcap and I's 4th wedding anniversary..To me it seems as though we have been married alot longer, but in a good way. So much has happened in 4 QUICK years! I am pretty sure that when we said, "I do" that we had no clue that in 4 years we would have 2 kids under. I am pretty sure Hubcap wasn't betting on packing and unpacking 3 classrooms, and I wasn't counting on being a rice/walnut/peach/wheat/hay widow every spring/summer. But I wouldn't change it for the world, I love the life we have and am so thankful!

Here our some pics from our wedding/former anniversary's... 

June 28,2008 
I cannot for the life of me find our picture from our 1st anniversary! But thats ok because I was 8 months pregnant with Mister who ended up being 9 pounds, 4 oz, 22 inches...I wasn't a pretty sight. 

2nd year

3rd year

4th year..last night.
Love you Hubcap, heres to many, many more!! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


babies all lined up...

first pair of skinny jeans..

Curious George!! 

Nap time bliss....
Slide train! 

Hurricane kiddos...
Bug catcher
Night time walk
Sand box
Naughty Little Miss...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Plans Week 3

Week 3 of summer was our "farm" week. I was excited about this week, we did a lot of fun things! Our days got a little out of order, but I will stick with our schedule to map it out ;)

Make Something Monday

For our art project this week we used summer produce! I took an ear of corn and broke it into three pieces. Then we took the pits out of some apricots....these were our paint brushes! Good old messy fun, and they made some great patterns! 

Be Thoughtful Tuesday

Little Miss had her 15 month check up so we made the kiddo's pediatrician and his nurse strawberry pies in a jar. Mister picked the strawberries himself, which made them extra special. They loved them and Mister was seriously so proud to take them something! 

What's cooking Wednesday

For our cooking project this week we made a John Deere fruit pizza. Any one who knows me or my Mister knows we love John Deere tractors. So this was SO much fun to make! 

Somewhere Fun Thursday

Since it was "farm" week we went to the U-Pick Farm. We ate picked alot of blackberries and strawberries. The most perfect fun. 

Mister also got to go to VBS this week and Little Miss and I got to spend some quality time together, just the two of us. We had a tea party, painted our nails, read books, went out to dinner with daddy and made a blackberry cobbler and strawberry pies! 

So another fun week has gone and another is under foot! Like Hubcap and I always say,"These are the best days of our lives"... Happy Tuesday! 

Hello Monday

Hello Monday
First Tea Party

Hello tea set...

Hello guests..

Hello sweetest girl...

Hello lady like manners...

Hello tiny bites..

Hello Monday, cheers to many more tea parties on sunny afternoons with my girl.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Plans: Week 2

I can't believe another week of summer has come and gone and that we are already into the middle of June!
Here's a look at last week, our theme was sunshine. How appropriate that it was blazing hot all week! 

Make Something Monday:

On Monday we made this bright and cheery sun paintings. 
First we painted a piece of white paper with orange and yellow paint.
Second I lightly spray painted them with a sparkley gold.
Third I cut out a sun shape.
Fourth the kiddos glued on little pieces of yellow paper.
Fifth we glued the sun shape on another piece of white paper.
Sixth and finally we watercolored the rays of sun.

Be Thoughtful Tuesday:
On Tuesday we took daddy a big old glass of ice tea to his work. 

What's Cooking Wednesday:

I saw these cute cupcakes on Pinterest awhile back and knew we had to make them. So cute!! 

Somewhere Fun Thursday

On Thursday we got to go to Farmers Market with friends and then the park where my kids covered themselves in dirt. They had a blast though! 

Friday we cleaned! Another fun week come and gone! Glad to make memories with my babies, it is already going by so, so fast! 

Happy Week Friends! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello lake, it was a pleasure to spend a afternoon with you..
Hello Hubcap, thanks for being the best daddy ever to my babies! 

Hello ragamuffin, who is your mother and why doesn't she give you a hair cut? 

Hello handsome...

Hello Miss are cute!!! 
Hello Papa Red, thanks for being a great daddy and Papa! 
Hello Master chefs..
Hello climbing machine...
Hello visions of my future..

Hello diaper cake made for a special little girl I cant wait to meet! 
Hello Roller King..

Hello Monday, heres to another great week! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer: Week 1

Our first week of summer was great! We stuck to our schedule and it turned out just about perfect. It was just the right amount of doing and just being..if that makes any sense at all. :) Here's a peek at our week! 

 Make Something Monday:

On Monday we water colored. Since it was the first week I didn't have any set craft/food mapped out. Really the kids obviously didnt know any better and had fun! 

Be Thoughtful Tuesday

For be thoughtful Tuesday we used our craft from the day before. I took an old can (greenbeans), took the paper off and covered it with Misters painting. Then I added a little bit of twine. Mister picked some flowers from our garden and then we took them the next day to our favorite nursery lady at church Miss Donna.Mister really liked the idea of doing this for her and was very concerned about how she was going to get the flowers if she wasnt at our house..cute kid. 
What's Cooking Wednesday
Nothing too special here. Mister helped me make chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Yum. 
Somewhere Fun Thursday

On Thursday we went two fun places. At church the night before I had seen all these great pieces of scrap wood in the trash pile that I could make some great signs out of. So in the morning I loaded up the kids in daddy's old truck and we headed over there and loaded it all up. Mister thinks it is the biggest deal in the world when we take Daddy's  truck anywhere, especially when mommy drives it. (And then mommy wasn't paying attention at the gas station and accidentally put way  to money in gas in that old thing so we drove it around the rest of the week...lucky ducks! ) 

Thursday night we took a bike ride and looked for blackberries then came home and ate ice cream. 

Clean Up Friday

Friday we deep cleaned the house and got it all set up for the weekend.  Mister really loved his chores this week! The first day I introduced what he needed to do and with alot of guidance he got the hang of it and now every morning jumps on the opportunity to do his share. At first I thought it would actually be way more work for me to have him help, but really in the end its about the same, if not a little less. If he wasnt busy "helping" me he would be making a mess in the living room or his room, but instead he is occupied. So while I may have to sweep right next to him I don't have to pick up a million toys. And he loved to tell his dad how he helped when he comes home from work. 

All in all this first week of summer was a blast!! Happy Tuesday!