Monday, August 27, 2012

Little bit of life...

Happy Monday! Our weekend was full of fun. 
Mommy/daughter dates, pumpkin donut holes, park days, washing mommy's car, Harvest Moon painting/art, our first sunflower blooming, and a lot of playing outside! 
The weather has been beautiful here, down right perfect. We've had all the windows and front door open and have just been soaking up the cool air and breeze and sunshine. 
This morning we enjoyed pancakes on the front porch and our now starting our morning routine. I am planning out out meals for the next couple of weeks. I found so many pumpkin/fall recipes I can't wait to try. I'm so glad Baby #3 is finally letting me enjoy/tolerate food again... :) 
Enjoy your day! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

For Misters 3rd Birthday we had a Curious George themed dinner! His twin "aunties" who share his birthday flew into town and shared the evening with him and our families. It was such a great night, and Mister had a blast. He is still talking about it! 
The cake table...

The Man in the Yellow Hat cake

The party! It was over 100 degrees on his birthday and I had originally planned to have the tables outside, but it was way to hot to be comfortable so we all squeezed into the living room. 

All of the food was based off of the Curious George show on PBS. It is the only show my kids watch these days, we LOVE it! 
Curious George Worm Race Worms
Mr. Quints "Catch of the Day" 

Georges Party Punch
Marcos' Salsa
the place settings... 
Curious Georges Home Grown Salad
The Man in the Yellow Hat's Famous Lasagna (we didnt bake ours in a solar oven though.. we probably could of it was so hot!!)

Chef Pasghetti's garlic bread

The pinata... I tried to get one that reminded me of the birthday party episode...

and the banana split bar!! 

Here are the birthday girls and birthday boy getting sung Happy Birthday too! Love how happy my little man is...
No party is complete without a whipped cream mustache..

And finally the goody bags. 
It was such a fun night, full celebrating my favorite people! 

Baby #3

Baby #3 is on the way! We found out the 5th of July that another sweet baby will be joining our family, and we couldnt be more excited! 

This is our best attempt to take an announcement picture. Getting a 15 month old to hold a sign the right way in 100 degree whether is next to impossible. But it was really funny, especially the other pictures.... 

I told Hubcap by putting a Number 3 candle in his fajitas. I had to keep lying to him about what I was doing in the kitchen because I couldnt find anything to light the candle with. I think I told him I was making an air freshener for the house at one point?!! Anyways I think in the end he was wondering if he should be having another baby with this crazy lady..

Here is our sweetest little baby. Yesterday was my last first ultrasound...bittersweet. I have never had an ultrasound this late in the game and it was so fun to see a tiny little peanut moving its little arms and legs. So cute. I am in love. 
And here I am, almost 10 weeks. We were going to wait to tell everyone, but seriously I took a test and my stomach popped out, there is no hiding it! 

So we are officially on our last baby journey! I am trying to soak up every minute and remember everything... I am so thankful for this little miracle. Keep on growing little one, your family can't wait to meet you! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

To my Mister on your 3rd Birthday

Oh Mister it is the night before you turn three...your last night of being 2. Looking back on this year of the supposed terrible two's I really cant recall any terrible moments. All in all you are a pretty fantastic kid. Of course you are not perfect, and this year hasn't been all shiny, but for the most part I would say it has been a great year of two! 
You my little man our quite the guy. You are caring, loving, silly. You are shy and friendly. You have a great vocabulary. Conversations with you are one of my favorite things. You are strong willed and stubborn. Which if honed right, and used for the right cause can take you places little man... You are wild, loud and quiet all at the same time. And you are smart. The things you figure out/say baffle me sometimes.
You are the best big brother in the whole wide world. The way you love your sister is the sweetest thing. You always watch out for her, always take care of her, are always glad to see her and always want to play with her. You always make sure she is included and has what she needs. I hope your caring and genuine heart never, ever changes. 
As you get older I worry more about you. Worry about potty training, worry about you going to school, worry about how other kids will treat you and you making friends. They say that having kids in like having your heart walk around on the outside of your body and that is so, so true!! But I know that God loves you more than I ever can or could even comprehend and that He has you in his hand and will always guide you and take care of you. 
You love church, love Jesus, love to read your Bible stories. I (again) worry about you at our small church that you wont have the opportunities or fellowship you should to encourage you to love him even more! But again, God knows where we should be and what you need and he will provide!
Oh little man you are my favorite little boy in the whole world. You made me a mama, the greatest job I could ever have. We are on this adventure together little man, figuring it all out (kind of) as we go. Know that I will always love you, always be there for you and always carry you in my heart. You bring me joy unlike any other. 
Happy 3rd Birthday Mister.
I love you.