Monday, November 4, 2013


November is here! So, so happy for Thanksgiving season. It is my favorite holiday, something about the simplicity of it all. This month the Hubcap and I are going to do a service project a day with the kids. Hardest thing for me as a parent is that I want to give them the world  but also have a heart for the world. I so want to grow their little hearts into grateful ones... that think of others first! So far we have picked up trash from at the park, drew pictures for an elderly friend and helped load up big empty water bottles into Papa's truck. I decorated for Thanksgiving yesterday... here are some snapshots of my dining room.   

Give Thanks free printable found here
Thanks banner found here

 Happy November from my Pilgrim, Little Turkey and Indian! 


  1. Christie ! that is so awesome ! I feel the same way about wanting my kids to have a giving and thankful heart. I have always wanted to serve the homeless on Thanksgiving and I think we might be doing that this year. Hopefully. You are such an amazing mama ! Xoxo

  2. Your decor is so pretty! I love all of the white.
    You have such great taste!

  3. Beautiful fall decor! I wish I could go white :). I adore the creative pics you share of your kiddos too....

    and I'd love to hear more about your service projects! You've inspired me.

    1. hahaha... I had to go white. When the rest of my house is a mess I just look at the white and pretend it is spotless and clean. The third baby in three years has made me go mad... haha.