Friday, January 10, 2014

Kid's Say the Darndest Things..

Mister: Mom what is super green and super wet?
Me: I don't know, what?
Mister: I don't know either but it's on my bedroom floor.

Mister: That baby is so funny. (Sis) Only she knows what she is saying but I think she means to say that she misses your belly because it was awesome.

Hubcap: Why are you sitting at the head of the table?
Mister:because Little Miss is the heart, you are the ribs (pointing to the side chairs) and mom( pointing to the chair across from him) is the feet!

Mister: How sweet is mom? She is a five because five is my favorite number and she is my favorite lady. (Then he turns and gives me two thumbs up)

Me: Why do you have blue marker all over your face?
Mister: I was Smurf hunting.

Little Miss: Momma tell me the story of baby Sis in your belly.
Me: How about you tell me?
Little Miss: Baby Sis was in your belly and she came out and was tiny. Mister was in your belly. Then you ate ice cream and he came out and was huge. I was in your belly. There were tornadoes and butterflies and then I came out. And I was perfect.

Little Miss: I just can't wear these pants.
Me: Why not?
Little Miss: They aren't cute, its just not allowed.

Me: This is Sis. No cute quotes necessary.

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